Power & Water

Power and Water have joined forces with Coleg Sir Gar to develop a new treatment process which will reduce farm waste and help safeguard the environment whilst addressing the agricultural industry's impact on the environment.

Power & Water (P&W) is a UK technology company pioneering the design and manufacture of electric water treatment systems to provide fast, effective and efficient wastewater treatment and sludge enrichment solutions to ‘blue-chip’ companies worldwide.

As an OEM Supplier, P&W works directly with the utilities and also established infrastructure delivery and process integration companies; providing technical support for plant design, integration, operation and after sales software and support.

Purification through Innovation

"Power & Water is a UK water technology company specialising in sono-electro chemistry. We aim to deliver Circular Economy solutions allowing recovery of waste products, and to produce clean, safe water for drinking, re-use or discharge back into the environment." Gareth Morgan, CEO.

Power & Water (P&W) have developed a patented treatment process that can replace liquid-chemical dosing and safeguard the environment.

Soneco® cleverly combines electrolysis and ultrasound for safer and improved treatment; simply using electricity. This economic and technically optimised alternative to liquid-chemical dosing, electro-generates pH neutral, reactive treatment reagents direct from the feed water and then meters these in to the process stream.

  • Power & Water (P&W) design and manufacture electric water treatment systems
  • P&W are an OEM company who assist with process design, integration and technical support
  • In-house expertise includes engineering, power electronics, software and MEICA
  • Commercial focus is within municipal wastewater treatment and sludge enrichment


  • Welsh based water technology company
  • 14 full-time employees; Local mechanical & electrical supply chain
  • Puro is a jv. between P&W and UWTSD
  • Offer intergrated M.Eng. courses in Applied Environmental Engineering
  • PhD in AI (artificial intelligence) to build an autonomous water treatment plant
  • An ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and Achilles accredited company
  • Technology provider specialising in electro-based solutions
  • Custom design, be-spoke technology products